Bipasha Basu (Source: Instagram @bipashabasu)
Bipasha Basu | Source: Instagram @bipashabasu

Weddings are usually a traditional affair. From your outfit to the ceremony, there are certain time-honoured customs that need to be followed. However, if you are an unconventional bride, we understand the need to express yourself. The best (and most subtle) way? By painting your tips with these 7 unusual lacquers!

1. L’Oréal Paris Color Riche Le Vernis In ‘Beige Boheme #107’

Minimalistic brides will love the look of this nail paint. The glossy, neutral hue will appeal to your understated nature, whilst letting your outfit and jewellery do all the talking.

Source: L'Oreal Paris
Source: L’Oreal Paris

2. Lancôme Vernis In Love In ‘387 Amethyste Brune’

You may have listened to your mum when it comes to your pink lehenga, but don’t feel the need to match your nails to it. Instead, opt for this deep, purple shade that has a hint of shimmer and mystery to it.

Source: Lancome
Source: Lancôme

3. Essie ‘Borrowed & Blue’

Heading to the beach for your honeymoon? Swipe on a coat of this chic, soft blue to remind yourself of the salty, sunny vacation that is yet to come. Plus, the name is kind of apt for the occasion.

Source: Essie
Source: Essie

4. Chanel Le Vernis In ‘534 Espadrilles’

This punchy orange is ideal for brides who want their wedding to be fun. The rich colour is bold enough for your taste, but will still go well with a traditional outfit. Win-win!

Source: Chanel
Source: Chanel

5. Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy In ‘Sure Thing’

In our eyes, there is nothing more sophisticated than ivory tips. Upgrade your French mani with an all-out white to get a fresh, fashionable look.

Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy Nail Enamel In 'Sure Thing' (Source: Revlon)
Source: Revlon

6. OPI ‘Sunrise…Bedtime’

Do all your wedding functions include a round of cocktails and lots of music? Then consider this equally fun, glittery pink. Not only will it make you sparkle, but is also easy to top off incase your nails get chipped.

Source: OPI
Source: OPI

7. Nykaa Neon Matte Nail Enamel In ‘Cherry Pop’

If you just can’t stay away from a classic red hue, try amping things up with this one. The neon effect is attention-grabbing, whilst the matte finish looks ultra trendy.

Source: Nykaa
Source: Nykaa

Which shade are you going to rock on your big day? Comment and let us know!