Everything You Need To Know About The Dip Nails Trend

Natasha Patel , 02 Nov 2016

Have you heard of the dip nail trend that’s making a comeback? Like gel, dip nails give the illusion of healthy and glossy tips. But what makes them different from the gel mani you’ve probably been getting is that they have the same permanent finish but without causing the same damage (it actually strengthens your beds with the use of acrylic powder and glue—instead of monomers that cause that disgusting, toxic smell). The application only requires resin, an activator, and fine powder—all odor-free. So, instead of painting on coats of liquid polish, a nail tech applies a base coat and then dips your nail into a coloured powder (see the video below). The funny thing is, this trend has actually been around since the late 90s. Why the resurgence? The process is way quicker (the nail tech doesn’t have to spend time sculpting the shape) and easier (for both applying and removing the nails).

Some are concerned about how sanitary it is for multiple customers to “double-dip” into the same powder (think like waxing). If you’re concerned about the safety of your mani, ask your nail tech if they can sprinkle powder over your coated nail rather than dipping it into a pot.

So, recap of why dip nails are so amazing:

  • They don’t require harsh UV lights that damage skin like gels do.
  • They’re less harmful in the chemical department.
  • Dip nails last longer than gel—almost two to four weeks longer!
  • Dip nails can fix split and broken nails, so it’s less damaging.

Check out this video to see exactly to see the entire process!

Source: Giphy.com
Source: Giphy.com

And in a world where our #nailfie is as important as our morning cup of coffee, the need for long-lasting manicures is our top priority. Let us know, will you take the “dip”…

Source: Giphy.com

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