Bigg Boss 10: Former Contestant Akansha Sharma Claims She Couldn't Have Sex With Her Husband Zoravar Singh

Shreemi Verma , 03 Nov 2016
Shabnam Singh, Yuvraj Singh and Akansha Sharma | Source: Instagram
Shabnam Singh, Yuvraj Singh and Akansha Sharma | Source: Instagram

It looks like Akansha Sharma has not stopped talking about her marriage to Yuvraj Singh‘s brother, her husband Zoravar Singh. In an interview to, Akansha revealed how her 4 month long marriage was never consummated because of her mother-in-law Shabnam Singh. Here’s what she said about the state of her sexless marriage –

On being asked if her marriage has been consummated –

It did not. If it had, maybe I would have had a child and since I was being constantly nagged by my mother-in-law (Shabnam) to consummate my marriage, main toh phas jati na? I am not out to defame her what she did in her personal time is her life; I respect a woman’s choices. Zoravar and I did not connect on any level- neither mentally nor physically. Wherever we went out, my mother-in-law tagged along. Suddenly she would say ‘Haath pakdo, Kiss karo. Kya aisa hota hai kya?’ These things are supposed to happen naturally. My husband and I hardly spoke to each other, though I tried to coax him into sharing his problems if any with me. However, he would simply go to his mother and tell her everything that I was talking to him.

When the interviewer prodded her further, she said –

There has to be some comfort level and connect between a man and woman. He had to make me feel like a woman isn’t it? He has to make me feel loved. I couldn’t go and pounce on him and say ‘Let’s have sex’. He was supposed to be the man I should have fallen back on but…we slept on the same bed and kept pillows between us. And he used to snore very badly. So often, we ended up sleeping on different floors.

And finally on her their unbearable discomfort –

That’s right. It was so uncomfortable. I think I would be more comfortable in a friend’s presence than Zoravar’s. There has to be some attraction between two people which leads them to have sex. Zoravar could never man up to it. Meanwhile, my mother-in-law was forcing me to have sex with Zoravar. Sex is not a chore. Sex is not a responsibility. We are not living in medieval ages where sex is a compulsory product of marriage. What’s the difference between prostitution and having sex against your wishes? I decided to leave the house after 4 months.

You can read the entire interview here.

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