FREE Tickets To See Coldplay And Jay-Z

Meg DSouza , 03 Nov 2016

We’re counting down to the experience of a lifetime: the chance to catch Coldplay, Jay Z, and an endless list of our favourite bollywood celebs together on the same day and on the same stage!

For the first time, Global Citizen Festival ventures beyond North America and onto our turf. We couldn’t be happier to see the youth of our nation coming together to embrace such an awesome movement.

This movement is all about speaking out and pushing leaders to commit to positive change on some major problems we, as citizens of the world, deal with every day. 

It seems we’re not the only ones as excited about this movement. Check out the video below!

Since launching in India in September, over 4 lakh young Indians have signed up with GCI and nearly 1.5 million actions have been taken, making it the largest youth movement in the country. With more than 70,000 people expected to attend the event, this will be the biggest gathering of young people for a social cause that India has ever seen.

Now live on, the fifth Action Journey is the last chance to take action and stand a chance to win those coveted (and read: free) Global Citizen Festival tickets. Actions are super easy and include tweeting to banks to commit funds for WASH lending, lobbying world leaders to accept India into APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) and asking all Chief Ministers in India to remove the tax on menstrual hygiene products—all seemingly basic rights and ammenities you would think, but are still real struggles for many people. Trust us, taking action is way easier than it sounds.

Over 23,000 free tickets through action journeys have been won by global citizens so far and the last draw takes place next week, so what the efff are you waiting for?!

Sign up. Take action. Be the change. And see you at the concert :)

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