Wearing glitter is like walking on a tight rope, one wrong styling move and you’re tumbling down the OTT lane! So, allow us to show you all the fun ways you can flaunt some dazzle.

1. Team anything shiny with a pair of denims and no one can call you out!

2. Style shimmer with chaotic prints. You might hit gold!

3. If glitter is your thing, go for embellishments that twinkle.

4. Metallic lips are approved by Queen B. Need we say more?

5. Wear one statement-making, glitz to your otherwise normal outfit.

6. Always keep a glimmery cape/jacket on stand by.

7. Pairing a radiant skirt with a plain white top is a classic plan.

8. Put all your glitter into one sexy pair of stilettos.

9. The sheen on this backpack takes you from drab to fab in seconds.

Shine on and shine bright ladies. And always send us a selfie when you do!