Bigg Boss 10 Recap: Bani J And Lopamudra's Cat Fight Is Getting Intense

Sukriti Gumber , 05 Nov 2016
Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

The highlight of today’s episode was definitely the escalating tension between Lopa and Bani. For the raja-rank task, Bigg Boss asked the celebrities to mutually decide three best performers, and they pick Bani, Lopa and Mona. Further, these three are given a pair of skiing boards with shoes attached to them. The last person to maintain balance with their feet intact in the shoes, will win immunity.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

While Mona leaves the task in the initial stage itself, the other two continue to fight till the very end. The task continues till almost 9:30 PM, and Lopa wins, fair and square. With Navin as an arbiter, “fair” is slightly far fetched, but it was not a tough choice here. Bani provokes Lopa and it was totally uncalled for and her non-cooperation was quite evident. If at all she deserves a mention, it was for participating in the immunity task till the very end, despite being sleep deprived and serving her punishment all night long. Later, she gives Navin a cold shoulder as she felt he was biased. Tch-tch! Whatever happened to sportsmanship!

Having said that, Lopa won the task because Swami ji was praying for her. Sure!

Oh hey, I spot some new developments in the house. Manveer Odd Personality Gujjar runs up to Bani right after the task to pledge his allegiance towards her and clearly tells her he was #TeamBani throughout the task. I smell new BFFs. “Maine duniya chalayi hai, Bani”, he gloats.

Haan bilkul.

Wait, there is another task. It’s not over yet.

The housemates gather inside the activity area and are divided into two teams. One person from a particular team is asked a question about their opponent from the rival team, and if the answer is wrong, he/she is punched. It’s a fun task that unearths some hidden secrets about the inmates.

Lopa finds Gaurav the hottest male contestant. Bani finds Gaurav Manveer the hottest. Nitibha thinks Lokesh is “overacting ki dukaan” (Ugh). Further, Lopa thinks Bani is chaaploos (sneaky). Manu thinks Bani is “overacting ki dukaan”. Bani thinks Lopa “ki awaaz kaano mein chubhti hai” (Lopa’s voice stings in the ears). And many such interesting revelations blah blah blah!

Uff, Bigg Boss bhi na, knows how to play his cards. :P

Celebs win this task. Woohoo!

Apart from this:

Today from his bucket list, Swami Ji ticked off another voyeuristic pleasure, by massaging Mona’s waist. She was tired in the whatever small duration for which she participated in the game.

Lokesh offers to help, but usme vo baat nahi. “Swami ji ke hathon mein jaadu hai”, Monalisa declares. Of course, that’s how oorja ka patan happened and he did his thing with missiles for the betterment of mankind!

Nitibha and Karan are out of the jail. The former liked her stay, she said she was feeling relaxed. I thought that happens after a stay in a luxury resort with complimentary spa. But, whatever!

Eagerly awaiting Salman Khan‘s weekend grilling session now. Laters!

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