Everything You Need To Know About BB, CC & DD Creams

Natasha Patel , 05 Nov 2016
Bobbi Brown BB Creme SPF 35
Bobbi Brown BB Creme SPF 35

Modern technology has given us some game-changing products we can’t imagine a world without (how our mother’s lived without dry shampoo and matte liquid lipsticks is beyond us). With an abundance of multi-purpose products on the market, it’s only natural that we now expect makeup to not only look good, but simultaneously do good for our skin.

We’re sure you’ve heard of BB, CC, and DD creams, but if you’re clueless as to what these double letters even entail—don’t worry you’re not alone.

Here’s your beauty breakdown:

1. BB a.k.a Beauty Balm / Blemish Balm

This is the cream that started it all. BB might be an oldie, but it’s quite a goodie in our books. That’s because these creams moisturise and are packed with SPF (and tons of other anti-aging ingredients). Because of their hydrating properties, you can eliminate the need to moisturize pre-makeup application with this two-in-one.

Here are a couple of BB creams you can get in the market today:

Bobbi Brown BB Creme SPF 35
MAC Cosmetics Prep + Prime BB SPF 35
Maybelline Clear Glow Bright Benefit Cream

2. CC a.k.a Colour Correcting

Right after the BB cream made its appearance, CC creams swooped in to jump on the bandwagon. These colour correctors contain vitamin C and E to even out complexions, while defending skin from harsh UV rays. In addition, they cover up blemishes and dark spots. CC creams work best for oily and acne prone skin because they include light diffusing particles that are full of anti-oxidants and can even out your skin tone.

Here are a few you can purchase off the shelf:

Lakme Complexion Care Cream
AvonSkin Goodness City Block CC Cream
Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream SPF 30

3. DD a.k.a Daily Defence

Say hello to the newest baby on the block (somewhat). Much like a glorified sunscreen, DD cream’s main focus is defending skin from harsh UV rays, while nourishing with antioxidants that address signs of aging. They also contain anti-blemish and colour-correcting elements.

Here are a few we found:

Julep DD Creme
Deborah DD Anti-Age Foundation
Dermatologically Defining-BB Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 30

Where to buy them:

DD creams are harder to find in our market, but most BB and CC creams are available on nykaa.com, amazon.in and regular departmental stores.

So, which alphabet cream will you try? Let us know in the comments below!

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