8 Revelations From The First Episode Of Koffee With Karan 5, Featuring SRK & Alia

Rashmi Daryanani , 06 Nov 2016

I look forward to Koffee With Karan the way most people look forward to Christmas – and KWK isn’t even an annual thing, so you can imagine my excitement for season 5. It’s fitting that the season started off with Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt: one wasn’t on the show at all last season, and the other made it on twice. They also have a film coming out soon, but I’m disregarding that, because the idea of KWK being used as a platform for film promotions just makes my heart hurt a little.

All in all, it was a pretty great first episode. Some fun moments, a lot of jokes about Alia‘s goof-up last season (where she didn’t name the President of India right), and even more reasons to be just completely in love with Shah Rukh Khan.

Here are some revelations from the show:

1. Alia had her first legit boyfriend when she was 16

Of course, SRK needed to ask what a “legit” boyfriend was (I’m still asking myself that question at 25), and Karan explained it by saying it’d be the first boyfriend Alia went to first base with. Which is kissing. SRK looks like he remained unconvinced, but he’s actually super shy about asking Alia who she’s dated.

2. Shah Rukh Khan is like every dad ever, but cooler

Karan asked Shah Rukh what he’d do if someone kissed Suhana (since she’s 16 now), and he said he’d “rip his lips off.” He’s also – according to Karan – a stalker dad, but Shah Rukh says he’s just “well-informed.” Yeah, well, my mother uses that excuse too, and I don’t buy it either.

3. Alia is taking a break from relationships

There have been rumours about her dating Varun and Sidharth, but Alia denied them (Varun vehemently; Sidharth hesitantly). Instead, she says she’s single and is taking a break from relationships, because it’s not for her right now. To the point where she would say no to dates with Ranveer Singh and Ranbir Kapoor, just to sit at home and eat pizza instead. Speaking to my soul, basically.

4. Alia remembers everyone’s lines

She can remember a whole scene, so SRK apparently started working less on his lines, because he could just ask her to prompt him.

5. SRK does a killer Arnab Goswami impression

Ooh, he nailed this. Worth watching the episode if just for this!

6. Alia wants to stalk Kangana Ranaut

When asked which actress she’d stalk if she were invisible, Alia chose Kangana, saying, “She has a lot of lovely airport looks, but I really want to know where she’s going. So many airport looks… where is the plane landing?” Damn, girl.

7. SRK wants Ranveer Singh’s padded underwear

Shah Rukh Khan says he’d love to know where Ranveer got his padded underwear from in Befikre. When asked if Ranveer really has padded underwear, SRK said, “I think so. Otherwise I’m a fan.” Hmmm, ya. Me too.

8. There’s a thing called “demotional”

Well, there isn’t really, but SRK made it a thing. He said that the newer actors are unique because they can be “demotional” about their work – detached but emotional. It’s also a fairly perfect word to sum up modern dating, I think.

The second episode will air next week, and features Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna. The teaser is out, and from that alone I already know that I’m going to love it.


Until next week, then!

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