TV Actor Opens Up About Losing Shedding 55 Kgs

Swagata Dam , 07 Nov 2016
Hitesh Bharadwaj
Hitesh Bharadwaj

Young and talented Hitesh Bharadwaj is the main lead of a new show tilted Agar Tum Sath Ho on Zindagi channel. The Mathura boy is a proud owner of a super fit body. But there was a time when he was quite overweight. He recently opened up about his weight loss journey:

“I used to weigh 130 kgs. But when I decided to be an actor, I shed off all my extra kilos. It was a tough job and I had a difficult time losing so much weight. Still, with the help of a balanced diet and proper workout regime, I have come down to 75 kilos. And this didn’t happen overnight. The entire process took one and an half year of maintaining a rigorous fitness regimen.” 

Hitesh always wanted to be an actor and he had realised that he had to transform himself from flab to fab in order to body to achieve his goal. He added:

“When I started gaining weight, I never used to think about it. But later on, when I decided to become an actor, the first thing I did was – focused on losing weight.”

Hitesh, who maintains his physique properly, still fears gaining back the kilios, but he knows how to counter it:

“Yes, I do have that phobia because I am always scared of gaining weight. But I know that my diet and workout will never let that happen.”

So is he tempted to cheat at times?

“Of course I do. Its only human! I eat what I want to, but I make sure to cover for it the next day I hit the gym.”

To conclude with, he shared:

“Just like in Bollywood, actors on television too are fit and have a good physique. The idea is not sporting or showing off your abs. It’s about increasing your stamina and energy, and being fit overall.” 

Now, that’s some major #MondayMotivation!

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