Bigg Boss 10 Recap: Housemates Make Some Major Sacrifices For Each Other

Sukriti Gumber , 08 Nov 2016
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Source: Twitter

We have just reached the fourth week in Bigg Boss 10 (already?) and already witnessed so much in the house. Abhi toh wild card entry bhi nahi hui! *shudders*

Anyway, here we are in a new week with new nominations and a new task in Bigg Boss 10. The day starts with Mere Piya Gaye Rangoon and oh, what a pity! Because the housemates think one of them is going to get a phone call from their house because, you know, “waha se kiya hai telephone”. Geddit? Later when we actually find out the task, I am like – Lawl guys, Bigg Boss is not halwa. More on the task later. Thank you for your patience.


Source: Twitter

1. Bani J gives Lokesh some pro tips about squats and maintaining an ideal back posture. Swami ji (Arreeee, Hi! Totes forgot he is in secret room) is also doing uthak-bethak in his small habitat. I am feeling terrible about the oreo brownie (with ice cream) I ate a while ago.

2. Meanwhile, Mona complains that it has been really long since she acted. And I was just beginning to analyse what hit me so bad about that statement when Swami ji chimes in and says something like – “Itne dino se wahi to kar rahi ho, tabhi to log vote kar rahe hai.”

Oh, shush!

Mona starts belly dancing and pulls her t-shirt up in the process. I am waiting for Swami ji to react because every nerve in my body tells me he will say something. AND HE DOES. Loser! He said something like – “Belly dancing karti hai, tabhi to log vote karte hai”.

Sorry, could not listen to the exact line he said because the fumes coming out of my ears were deafening.

3. Bani and Mona get emotional as they miss home. And it was odd to watch the former cry because I really need to learn the fact that a book should not be judged by its cover.

4. Swami ji is SOOOOO creepy, dude! Doesn’t it happen that a song gets stuck on our mind and we keep singing it all day long. Same happened with Lopa and she was singing the “alarm song” of the day- Mere Piya Gaye Rangoon.

What happened next will blow your minds! (I am allowed to exaggerate, kay?)

Lopa is singing the song and Swami ji completes the next line – “tumhari yaad satati hai, jiya mein aag lagati hai.”

Well, okay, I may be judging more than required here, but I am not judging on the basis of a cover this time because I have f***ing read the book. I may also be over thinking because the lines are so *suggestive*. It could also have been the work of an editing genius, but I am going to stick to my original version. You guys are free to choose.

Calls from Rangoon are basically made by Bigg Boss…

For nominations ki prakriya. Did you also lawl?

And we begin with the prakriya-cum-task. There is a huge chair placed in the middle of the lawn, with a telephone next to it. Bani is the first person to answer the phone and Bigg Boss tells her she is now automatically nominated for eviction. In order to save herself, Bani has been instructed by Bigg Boss to convince Gaurav to bleach his eye brows.

Gaurav Chopra
Gaurav Chopra

After much self-contemplation and manipulation by Bani, our man is ready to take the step. Actually, scratch that, he falls for Bani’s manipulation as she makes it sound like no big deal. It was, indeed, no big deal as one can hardly make out the difference. Gaurav also refers to it as an act of kindness as a “girl asked him for help”. After the completion of Gaurav’s task, Bani is asked to nominate someone and she chooses Rohan.

And that’s how the rest of the task proceeds. To save himself/herself, the nominated contestant has to get a difficult task done by a contestant chosen by Bigg Boss, and once that’s done, nominate a third person. Pff, that’s easy! Bleaching eye brows for a task is so meh! Aman Verma went bald, remember?

Except that the task gets nastier with every step.

The only way Rohan has to save himself from nominations is to convince his onscreen dad, Karan Mehra to shred his wife’s Karwa Chauth photo. This is horrible, Bigg Boss!

(My personal favourite LOL moment of the episode was when Rohan did not understand the word ‘Shredder’ and Bigg Boss had to repeat it. ‘Twas sooo funny hearing that voice voice repeat a word more than thrice because the boy kept confusing it with ‘sweater’. LOLOL!)

On his end, Karan does not bat an eyelid before agreeing to do it but it is so evident from his face that it’s a difficult thing for him to do. Such an emotional moment – my heart cries – Rohan cries – Karan cries – everybody hugs Karan – Bigg Boss is so sadistic. He then says, ‘Mubarak ho’ to Rohan. Not exactly the correct choice of words, IMO.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Rohan nominates Monalisa. As a part of her task, she has to convince Manu to rip apart his stuffed toy, the one he sleeps with every night. From what I saw, it looked like a Tweety doll. After Manveer‘s voice, Manu’s fixation with his toy really intrigues me. I really wanna know the actual story behind it and by now, I should really learn not to judge a book by its cover.

A full grown man can be attached to his stuffed toy. And howl when it’s no more. And then howl some more in the bathroom. Shit happens!

Mona tries to hug and pacify him. I want to tell him at least Mona darling mil gayi, instead of toy. But Manu is inconsolable.

Next is Nitibha, nominated by Monalisa. She wisely chooses to use one of her two immunities because she knows no one is close enough to her to do something drastic for her. Nitibha is smart. (Don’t) Be like Nitibha.

Meanwhile, Karan is joining the shredded photos of his wife. Aww man!

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

And Swami ji is watching everything from the secret room.

Nitibha nominates Gaurav and to save him, Bani has to dip a jacket given to her by her best friend, Gauahar Khan, in a bucket of paint. Manu is nominated by Gaurav, but the episode ends before Bigg Boss assigns him a task.

All in all, it was a very hard day for the housemates and so much came to light, most prominent one being that everybody has each other’s back. It was a tough exam, but so far they have managed well. The episode ends on a happy note with Karan being successful in joining the shredded parts of his wife’s photos. That was another difficult task, BTW, putting together all the shredded pieces.

Lastly, Manu says to Manveer and Navin that Indiawale should be chucked out of the house because blah blah blah “mera haemoglobin kam ho gaya hai” and he touches his liver while saying that. He also expresses his concern over tolerating Nitibha for the exact 21 days, now that she has won the immunity medallion.

“Nitibha ko kaise digest kare“, he said.

Sigh! Likewise.

***The end***

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