Bigg Boss 10 Exclusive: Manu & Mona Tease Swami Ji By Getting Close To Each Other

Sukriti Gumber , 10 Nov 2016
Bigg Boss 10

If you saw last night’s episode of Bigg Boss 10, you were lucky enough to witness the “reincarnation” of Om ji (only) as he has now done away with the “Swami ji” tag. It seems like Baba ji got his mojo back after his brief stay in the secret room.

On his return, Bigg Boss asked him to comment on his observation of the contestants during his stay there. Amongst other points put forth by the old man, he raised a few questions on Manu and Mona’s relationship and how the former is fooling her. Mona cries as Om ji’s accusations upset her and Manu also retaliates in anger. The duo decide to give it back to him in their own unique way.

In tonight’s episode, Mona will approach Manu and pretend to talk to him affectionately, in order to catch Om ji’s attention. Enter Manveer, who will start teasing Mona about Manu and tell her she is getting too close to him, and that will offend a few people around her, obviously aiming at Om ji. The latter does get offended and will walk out giving them a disgusting look.

Lawl! Mona, Manu and Manveer rejoice as they successfully managed to make Om ji realise that his comments don’t bother them anymore. I bet this sequence is going to be a fun watch. What do you guys think?

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