Bigg Boss 10 Recap: The House Gets Its First Captain & A Lot Is Happening Between Mona-Manu

Bigg Boss 10 Recap: The House Gets Its First Captain & A Lot Is Happening Between Mona-Manu

Sukriti Gumber

We start with the 3 + 1 musketeers planning a skit of sorts, to avenge Swami ji’s comment on Manu and Mona‘s relationship. (WHICH IS MORE THAN “GOOD FRIENDS”, BTW) Their role play yields success and Swami ji (Oops, Om Ji – yes, we call him that now as he voluntarily there away the Swami Ji tag) walks away from them, fairly pissed.

I have two observations about today’s episode.

First, captaincy

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

The first three housemates to enter the confession room will stand for captaincy. Bani, Manu and … Swami Ji Om ji make a beeline for the room and get inside first. Thus, these 3 become the candidates for the first captain of Bigg Boss 10 (Still better election prospects than US). Manveer, meanwhile, regrets being in the bathroom when Bigg Boss made the announcement. Shit, yaar! He regretfully tells Manu he could have entered with him and they would have locked the door form inside.

Wow! Whattey fun, just like school boys.

Really, Manveer? That was your POA? And how exactly did you plan to win votes after that? Because you are slowly becoming a chamcha, for the lack of a better word, and it is very disappointing to see that.

As an expert judge in the Bigg Boss panel, with an association of over 9 years involving my TV screen, my statistics tell me they will either soon be at loggerheads or both will fizzle out after one of them gets evicted.

Back to elections, Bani is the first candidate to appeal for votes. She promises them lotsa food, jacuzzi, pool time and equal division of work.

Then, irony is Manu talking about peace and harmony:

And lastly, Om ji appeals to devi devtao i.e the housemates, and promises to take his voters to the final 3. How? Magic, of course.

Before proceeding further, I want to ask Manu, Manveer and Navin, to what extent are they stupid?

Each candidate is given a bunch of their respective garlands, which the other housemates have to wear to show their allegiance towards them. Manu’s small team consisting of Mona, Manveer and Navin cut their available garlands into half, raising the count to 24. Why? Because “end mein garlands count honge”. I was stumped.

Manu is also seen boasting about his intelligent idea. Navin wore some 10 garlands and it looked like a garland scarf, making him look even more stupid than he is already. I am fervently wishing all this to be a pathetic joke in the end. But, no, as Manu raises this question to Bigg Boss as well. When he is asked to declare his vote count, he questions Bigg Boss if he wants to know the number of people he has, or the number of garlands.

Source: Knowyourmeme
Source: Knowyourmeme


Anyway, in the end Swami ji is nowhere in the elections as his voters have scattered. Manu is making one strategy after another. He, or sometimes on his behalf, Navin tries to manipulate Swami ji into joining his team and clubbing his followers with his. They assure him he won’t get any followers.

Satya vachan!

Because the handful of followers Swami ji had, joined other teams by the end of the poll and he himself joined Bani’s team. Lolol!

Bani apologises to Lopa for misbehaving during the immunity task and of course Lopa thought it was fake and simply a method to score votes. What were you thinking, Bani? Swami ji suggests Manu to put two of Bani’s voters in the jail for an easy win. Sigh! Too much politics for a day, Bigg Boss. (For a week, if I see it overall)

My second part is, Mona-Manu

Manu Punjabi and Monalisa
Manu Punjabi and Monalisa

They are not just good friends, I am convinced about that. They spend all their time together. Mona is like Mona darling to Manu urf Tiger – always with him doing “yessir”. (I know I am brilliant with drawing analogies)

Manu is clearly doing it to be in the game. He does not care two hoots for Mona. He also gets pissed when housemates link him to Mona (the latter just smiles, BTW).

Gaurav gives Mona his share of chocolates, for which Mona wants to hug/kiss/whatever to express her happiness. Gaurav sticks to a fake air kiss and jokes about someone (Manu) getting offended by that as he is anyway considered a competition.

Post that, Manu asked Mona what she was doing in there with Gaurav. Call it dry humour or call it his possessive streak, but you get the drift, don’t you?

Irrespective of what Manu does, Mona swears her loyalty. She laughs at all his jokes. Backs him in all his arguments. She does not even ‘ouch’ at his sexist comments whereas I am cringing in horror. She does not retort back when he tries to put her down, taking the support of humour. Neither does she say anything when he tells her she chose the “wrong” team and should have “come to him” earlier. Hello? Did she have a choice?

Manu is anti-Lokesh? Good, so is Mona, even if there is no valid reason. Manu makes fun of your profession? Good, let him. Better still, laugh along.

Does a spine exist in that body that dances every morning?

End of rant. You may go now.

P.S- Can Rahul Dev and Karan Mehra stop being door mats/dormants?