Bigg Boss 10 Recap: The Reincarnation Of Swami Ji In The House

Sukriti Gumber , 10 Nov 2016
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Source: Twitter

*Deep breathing* because I am not sure how I survived tonight’s episode.

Contestants are woken up mid slumber by Bigg Boss and they are told that the concept of Indiawale-Celebrity/MaalikSevak is now annulled. Ye baat subah bhi ho sakti thi, Bigg Boss!

After effects-

Manu, Manveer and Navin do the happy dance.

Nitibha tells Bani she is very happy as she will no longer have to deal with the shit heads in her team.

Lokesh is also quite happy about finally being able to play her individual game, without having to bow down to the wishes of her ex-team members.

Lastly, Mona is supremely happy about finally being able to legit chill with Manu and his boys, without the celebrity sword dangling on her head. She did not say this, but I know it’s true.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Lokesh, tonight, is like the kid who has entered teenage and wants to be taken seriously. (Read nominated and shit scared by eviction) She silently cries, sings a few songs and then repeatedly says to herself – “Main nahi jaungi, main nahi jaungi.”



Swami ji, from the realms of his secret room comments that she got nominated despite indulging in so much flattery. Hmmmm, could that be right?

Coming from Swami ji, NO!

The old man is now back in action after observing the housemates for three days from the secret room and one of the many things he said while concluding his stay was:

101% nahi, main 1000 % jeet ke jaunga. Pakka jeetunga!

. . .

Never mind!

He further says he won’t play for money and will donate the money as soon as he wins. Confidence level 101 – he has made plans about his winning amount. Further, with even more confidence, he said – “Mujhe game samajh aa gaya hai ache se.

I am reminded of my school days when I used to confidently nod and tell my teacher I have understood everything and later do jack shit in the exam.

Same, Swami ji – “Mujhe game samajh aa gaya hai ache se. Main pakka jeetunga.”

I am sure I fared better than him even as a mere analogy.


Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Next up is the luxury budget, which (Shocker!) got reduced due to the rules broken by Bani, Nitibha, Rahul and Gaurav. The luxury budget is displayed on the screen and the last slide offers housemates the option of buying Swami ji for 1400 points.

Lawl! Of course, they won’t spend even a penny on him. And Swami ji is well aware of this, therefore he tells Bigg Boss to not let him depend on them for his re-entry.

“Ye log saadhuo ke viruddh hai.”

“Meri beizzati mat karao.”

“Aap almighty ho.”

Just Swami ji things.


Post that, Powerpuff boys and their +1, Mona are sitting and bitching about Swami ji. They discuss him in detail as Swami ji watches them with utter disappointment. It’s okay, dude! Today has been hard on all of us.


Now begins the sanyasi‘s drama!

Swami ji enters the house in an annoying, hysterical way. He touches everyone’s feet for some reason, which he later explains was his way of apologising. Ah, okay! Even more annoying is to watch Navin, Manu and Manveer hug him as if they have found their fourth musketeer. Navin, especially, cries and hugs him so tight that someone in the background asked him to at least let Swami ji breathe.

He announces that he has come back as Om ji only, Swami ko bhaga diya. He also said he went for their good and also because he promised his daughters, Nitibha and Mona that he will save them. He also suavely speaks a couple of lines in English and I am totally enamoured.

*Fans self*

That’s not all. He tells them he will reach the finale round fosho and promises Mona he will get her married to someone (I did not catch the name). Mona is elated and surprised to know that Swami ji knows about her lover. Magic, bruh!

Wait, that’s still not all. He further said maine “mehsoos” kiya ki Navin mujhe miss kar raha hai. He walks away with Nitibha’s limelight also and says his prarthna made her win the cash prize and the immunity medallion as he did not let anyone else take ‘number 4’ (that made her win). Magic again.

I am still not done. Wait! He told the housemates he was missing them a lot, and therefore quickly finished his work outside and came back. He also told them he had the highest number of votes. Magic, of course!

“Main pehle jeetne ke liye nahi aaya tha, but ab main jeetunga”, he said.

Okay I am done, not because Swami ji stopped talking, but because I am really tired now. And very uncomfortable with the way housemates have surrounded him and paying attention to him like a hawk. Same discomfort happens when I see the number of KRK followers because they made him who he is now.

Thank goodness Bigg Boss revealed his whereabouts to the rest of the inmates. Otherwise, I shudder to even think what all he would have said. He is asked to recap his stay in the secret room and give his opinion on each member. The members are free to denounce him if they are not happy with his opinion. Lot of commotion happens in the house, for obvious reasons.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Swami ji accuses Mona of cheating on him as he honestly considered him to be his beti, but she made fun of him behind his back. Mona cries. He also raised a finger at Manu, but I forgot all about it because of the way the latter retaliated. Very LOLworthy! Swami ji also made some valid points and said the commoner’s behaviour towards Lokesh was unfair as they did not make any efforts to save her from nomination. #TrueThat.

Next he tries to target Gaurav, who shuts him down #LikeABoss.

Towards the end, Lokesh has a face off with the rest of her ex-team. The issue here is that she felt ignored by her team (Swami ji also validated that) and she felt used by them for their selfish purpose. Briefly speaking, the rest of them think she has not contributed enough as a team. Manu and all have ganged up against her and I really want the day to end.


P.S – Manu did not want Mona to sleep next to Swami ji and therefore asks others to take Mona’s place. Bani asks Lokesh to say no.

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