Trust the Kardashians to always keep it risqué. After our daily stalking sesh on their Instagram, we are noticing a major trend that these girls can’t get enough of—wearing their lingerie as clothing. Lacy bodysuits, satin slip dresses, sheer bralettes—these girls aren’t shying away from flaunting their under garments like it’s NBD. And they’ve managed to style their skivvies in so many ways.

Check out some of our favourite ways the Kardashians have worn their lingerie:

1. Kendall Jenner styles her slip dress over a white tee-shirt and thigh-high suede boots.

2. Fastest way of getting to the bar from your bedroom? Kourtney just throws on a leather jacket with tie-up heels. Voila!

3. Kim Kardashian likes to style her lacy bodysuit with track bottoms. Now that’s ultimate Athleisure!

4. While, Kourtney Kardashian styles hers with a pair of leather pants.

5. Kendal Jenner layers a lacy bralette over her crop top.

6. If Kim really needs to wear a dress, she picks a sheer one over her bodysuit.

7. Kendal pairs her satin sunshine cami with a black skirt and choker.

8. Kim wears her sheer bralette with an over-sized denim jacket, skirt and transparent boots. Yup, this is about as sheer as it gets.

Kim Kardashian (Courtesy: Image Collect)
Kim Kardashian (Courtesy: Image Collect)

Would you dare to do the same? Tell us in the comments below!