This TV Actress Is Back With Her Ex-Husband After An Ugly Divorce

Sukriti Gumber , 11 Nov 2016
Deepshikha with her husband Kaishav Arora
Deepshikha Nagpal with her husband Kaishav Arora

After an ugly spat followed by a divorce, TV actress Deepshikha Nagpal and husband Kaishav Arora are giving their marriage a second chance. The couple has put aside their differences and opted for a reconciliation.

As per a report in TOI, Kaishav has moved in with Deepshikha since Diwali. A source was quoted saying that the two realised that they could not stay away from each other and therefore, decided to get back. Reportedly, they are keeping their relationship status under wraps as they don’t want “people to cast aspersion on them”.

Deepshikha confirmed the same to TOI and said:

Yes, we are back together. I realised I love him beyond anything. All marriages go through a rocky patch. Unfortunately, instead of helping us, some friends added fuel to the fire. But I don’t blame them; the time was bad. When we met after eight months of separation, we wondered why we split in the first place. I cannot love anyone else other than Kaishav; everything else ceases to matter when we are together. Now, we don’t want to discuss our past anymore. For a successful marriage, one has to respect each other’s space. I want to and have already started life afresh.

Here’s hoping they have a happy life ahead!

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