The World's Sexiest Bunny Just Came To Town - The Playboy Club Is Here Baby!!!

King of Clubs , 14 Nov 2016

Mumbai Just Got Played!!

Playboy Club Mumbai
Playboy Club Mumbai

Hugh Hefner famously once said,

Life’s Too Short To Be Living Someone Else’s Dream.

If you ask me, Life’s Too Short To Be At A Bad Party! (I’m sure you’ve been to clubs and wondered what the hell the owner was smoking while designing the place!)

India has had some beautiful clubs, but nothing could have prepared us for this!

On Friday, 4th November, the most renowned bunny in the world welcomed Mumbai’s elite to an exclusive preview of the beautiful new Playboy Club in Worli, in Mumbai. And to say it was a mad party would be an injustice… it was an insane party!

So, how was the place?

The minute I walked in, it was clear the place was going to be all sorts of epic. It was opulent and ostentatious to a fault, ridiculously high ceilings (of what used to be an old mill), world class technology, light and sound to match any superclub in the world, and hopefully, will have an exclusive members only crowd, everything that a playground for the decadent young (and old) & restless should be!


Set over two levels, this 800 capacity club has multiple bars, one even hidden away behind the elevated DJ stage!


It was perfectly lit for a nightclub, dark and yet not so dark that you lose your friends and can’t see your arm in front of you!

The music ranged from dance, to current hits, to electronic, appealing to a wide audience.


Build it and they will come!

And the rockstars that built it, Sachiin Joshi and Parag Sanghvi of PB Entertainment Ltd, and Naitik Goyal (Partner- Mumbai)! Way to go dudes!

Sachiin Joshi & Parag Sanghvi

And they came from everywhere – Bollywood celebrities, socialites,  tycoons, models, sports figures, media honchos, even the competition!

Like who?


Needless to say, MissMalini and I raged it with everybody!

Rij Eappen, Malini Aggarwal and Nitin Mirani
Rij Eappen, Malini Agarwal and Nitin Mirani

The head that wears the crown….rocked it at @playboyclubmumbai! What a club, what a night! #Playboy #Club

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#DreamTeam @candymanlondon and @missmalini back again @playboyclubmumbai #playboyclubmumbai

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Bunny Love – Nowshad Rizwanullah!


Now this is the kinda spot the King would throw a party at!

And so ladies and gents, if you’re a clubber and a baller, The Playboy Club is going to be your new Mecca!

Address: Birla Centurion, Gate 2, PB Marg, Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400014

Phone: 022 4078 1811

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