Vishal Pandya, Sana Khan
Vishal Pandya, Sana Khan

Bollywood is not alien to love blossoming between the director and his actress on the sets of a film. The latest director-actress duo to be struck by the cupid is Sana Khan and Vishal Pandya, who reportedly grew pretty close to each other while shooting for Wajah Tum Ho.

According to a report in TOI, an insider revealed that they are quite serious about each other and are constantly in touch. The source also said that Vishal gifted Sana a portrait of her on the latter’s birthday. However, they do not want to come out in the open about their relationship as “they fear people will cast aspersions”. Reportedly, the relationship means a lot to both of them. When Sana was asked to comment on these reports, she told TOI:

Vishal is one of the few people who is a part of my inner circle. We talk a lot and hang out, but there isn’t anything brewing between us. He is good-looking and the best part is that he is very respectful towards women.

Hmmm. And what does Vishal have to say about this?

Anyone can make you happy by doing something special, but Sana can make you happy even without doing anything. She is someone who can make you smile even when she is not around.

Totally reading between the lines here.