5 Cute Hairstyles To Wear To The Gym

Jyotika Udeshi , 16 Nov 2016
Alia Bhatt | Source: Instagram @yasminkarachiwala
Alia Bhatt | Source: Instagram @yasminkarachiwala

Being a beauty addict and a fit girl is not an easy task. Whilst we can pass off the sweat as a dewy glow, there’s not much we can say about our matted hair. Some may scoff at girls who do their hair and makeup before heading to the gym, but for those of you who’ve bumped into a cute guy while not looking your absolute best know the struggle. Luckily, Instagram has all the answers. Here are five hairstyles that look amazing and will stay put—No matter how many miles you rack up on the treadmill!

1. Dutch Braids

These fierce braids are genius because they keep hair away from your face and won’t budge no matter how much you move around. Plus, they are known as ‘boxer braids’, which is pretty apt considering the fact that we’re forever fighting against weight gain.

2. Half-Knot

If you haven’t got the time (or patience) to plait your hair, then the half-knot is ideal for you. Remember to use a pins with a strong grip so that your locks don’t fall out whilst you squat.

3. Bubble Ponytail

Long-haired ladies can opt for a bubble ponytail to keep their strands out of the way. This glamorous ‘do takes no time at all to recreate, and looks super trendy while you’re lifting weights.

4. Space Buns

Space buns are one of the most adorable hairstyle we’ve ever seen. All you need is a bunch of bobby pins and a bit of gel to keep your flyaways in place.

 5. Crown Braid

We know the struggle of working out and having short hair. Rather than wearing a headband, keep your hair off your face with the help of a crown braid.

Just because you’re slogging away at the gym, doesn’t mean that you can’t look good whilst doing so!

Try out these hairstyles and send us your gym selfie!

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