Find The Right Eyeliner For Your Eye Shape

Find The Right Eyeliner For Your Eye Shape

Natasha Patel

Eyeliner can make just about anyone go from drab to fab. And while we all know how to achieve our own version of the perfect liner, there’s always a reason (and ways) to accentuate what your mama gave you! Today, we’re going to be listing down the most basic kind of eyes—and the perfect eyeliners that compliment that shape.


Monolids are eyes that don’t have a crease on the eyelid. They can be distinguished by having a less defined brow bone, a.k.a a creased eyelid. Here, the shape of the eyes tends to be small, so the main goal would be to try and make them look bigger by faking a crease.

Start off lining your lids with a thin line at the inner corner and make it thicker as you go outward. Cat eyeliner and bold winged liners look great with these kind of eyes as it gives it depth and dimension. You can enhance the coolness of this shape by using hues of colour as well.


If you can see white above or below your iris when you face the mirror, you have round eyes. They’re usually quite large and wide giving you the eyeliner-freedom of drawing out a really extended bold wing. Because of the circular-ish dimensions of your eyes, widening them by the use of a liquid-based cat-eye from the upper lash line to the outer corner will really define and widened the look. You can also create a tiny “V” in the inner corner of your eye with a white liner or a shimmer shadow to really elongate the shape.


The distinct feature of an almond shaped eye would be… well, it resembles almonds. But the awesome part is that with this eye shape pretty much anything looks good—especially a classic cat-eye! So, if you’re an almond-shaped girl, you’re in luck.

Because of the oval-ish shape, any kind of winged liners would be statement-worthy. The ideal glam look for this kind of eye would be to line your inner upper and lower lash line with a kohl pencil. Then, wing it out just a little with either a liner brush or a smudger brush for a sultry smokey look.

Source: Instagram @caradelevingne
Source: Instagram @caradelevingne

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