Well, I just did and it was incredible! I’m not shy to admit that I have tried everything to deal with hair fall, dry scalp, rough hair and split ends (thanks to the endless series of tongs I constantly torture my hair with…chalk it up to #OccupationalHazard). So, I went in looking forward to a pleasant spa experience but no real expectations of serious damage reversal. However, I was completely impressed by the results and cannot wait to go back for more.


Here’s why it was Happy Diwali to my hair & scalp:

Wella India invited me to the spanking new Affinity Salon in Khar to try what they call their “Scalp Facial.” Sounds intriguing, right? This treatment consists of a four step process.

1. Scalp renewal also known as their “Scalp Facial”
2. Nioxin treatment (for normally thinning hair, and gosh was I glad to hear “normal” as I’ve been traumatized by the amount of hair fall I’ve been experiencing lately)
3.  Cleansing/revitalizing treatment
4. “Liquid Hair” (another very cool name!) for lost amino acids due to hair color. This lasts up to 4-5 washes and provides instant repair and is also known as “Hair Botox”

And voilà! Just look at these results.

After the treatment, my hair truly felt thicker, softer and frizz free while my scalp was soothed and smoothed. I’m actually gonna make this part of my monthly ritual now and I recommend you try it for yourself too.

Wella Nioxin Derma Renew Service is available for Rs. 2,500.

And you know the way to any girl’s heart are hair and skincare products so thank you for these. I’ll report back with my Snapchat reviews soon!

Hair & Skin Care
Hair & Skin Care

By the way, Affinity Salon itself is super spacious and very inviting. I’m going back to try their mani-pedi station next week for sure. Perhaps a little pointy-tipped chrome nail action?

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*This post is in partnership with Wella Professionals India.