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Let’s get straight to the point – Saturday is going to be epic. For the first time ever, Mumbai is going to host the Global Citizen Festival, which features musical sensations such as Coldplay, Jay Z and Demi Lovato. Since we know that your mind is too full of excitement, we’ve curated a list of fashion and beauty tricks to get you concert-ready.

1. Pile On The Sunscreen

Although this tip isn’t the most exciting one, it definitely is the most necessary. Generously apply sunscreen across your face and body to keep it protected while you stand in the hot sun.

2. Grab A Pair Of Sunnies

Have fun with your sunglasses and pick the most colourful one out there. Plus, no squinting equals to better view of Chris Martin!

3. Pony Up

Keep your heavy locks from sticking to your neck by pulling it up in a ponytail. Add some dutch braids for an interesting twist.

4. Accessorise

If braids aren’t your thing, opt for a funky hair accessory. We recommend feathers for an all-out, bohemian vibe.

5. Embezzle Your Eyes

Skip your regular liner and go for glittery flecks instead. Not only will they make you feel glamorous, but will also twinkle invitingly in the sun.

6. Go For Gold

Whether you opt for a classic red or a hot pink, try dabbing a touch of gold in the centre. After all, metallic colours are always trending.

7. Hat Up

Too tired to do anything to your hair? Stick a hat on it like Beyoncé.

8. Stack It

A music festival without arm stacks is like Christmas without Santa! Choose different textures (metal, rope, beads etc.) to jazz up your wrist.

9. Be Lash-Tastic

For a statement look that requires barely any effort, swipe on a few coats of coloured mascara. Remember to pick a sweat-proof formula.

10. Get A Tattoo

Don’t freak out – there are no needles involved here. Flash tattoos are a fun, albeit temporary, way to amp up your look.

11. Nail The Neon

Play up your nails with a neon lacquer. We recommend a yellow shade as an ode to Coldplay’s famous song.

Will we be seeing you all decked up on Saturday? Let us know in the comments below.