Everything You Need To Know About 'Invisible' Contouring

Natasha Patel , 21 Nov 2016

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If by now you’ve never been able to achieve that Kim Kardashian contour, or just think it’s a tab bit too over the top, you might want to pay close attention to what Invisible Contouring is all about. While contouring adds that extra oomph to your face (and has the powers to make you look amazing in pictures), you will definitely agree when we say that it’s not quite practical for everyday life.

Makeup artist to the stars, Sir John has started a new beauty trend—and “invisible” contouring is just about everything you’re makeup routine has been missing out on.

What is invisible contouring all about?

Invisible Contouring is a more natural approach to the regular contour process. Here the focus is on bringing to light the high points on the face, instead of all the attention being on the hollowed areas. According to Sir John, the less visible the contour, the more appealing the look.

Sir John told Marie Claire earlier this September, “Invisible contouring is the 2.0 of contouring,”. He goes on to state that “It’s pulling back on the aggressive forms of contouring that don’t look natural.”

What do you need to achieve the look?

  • A water-based foundation, primer or moisturiser to make sure your skin slightly damp. This is because the application should be build able and weightless to get a non-cakey look.
  • A taupe matte blush to created a more soft and subtle feature to give it the illusion of depth.
  • A brush to blend in the blush to a crease-less look.

How do you get it done?

Once you apply the moisturiser to the skin, Sir John uses a taupe matte blush—specifically because taupe works well on all skin tones and has lighter pigments that give you the contour-like effect. Taking a brush slowly start to press the matte blush right into the cheeks. He explains, that to create a proper sense of depth (as you would with a contour stick) continue pressing the blush down the sides of the nose, sockets of the eyes and jawline.

What you need to keep in mind?

The blush needs to be of a matte finish because that helps absorbs the light easier. He also emphasises the importance of blending the blush properly on the jawline as the neck could look flat otherwise.

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So, it’s time to say bye-bye to harsh contouring… Are you ready?

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