Do You Want Coldplay's Chris Martin To Tell You That He Loves You?!

MissMalini , 22 Nov 2016

Then watch MissMalini’s brand new TV show #Vh1InsideAccess, starting 4th December 8pm on Vh1India – presented by HTC India and co-powered by Maybelline New York India.

Chris Martin
Chris Martin

Yaaas! You know, if you’d have told me 16 years ago (when I first moved to Mumbai, ironically in the hopes of becoming an MTV VJ) that one day I would have my very own TV show on Vh1 India, I’d have said that you be cray crazy. But look ma, here we ahhhhh! Vh1 Inside Access with MissMalini starts Sunday, December 4th, 8:00pm on the spanking new Vh1 – so you better GET WITH IT! (That’s their new tag line btw, along with a logo revamp in my favourite shades of purple.)

Wanna know what the show is going to be about? Well everything you NEVER get to see when you’re watching celebrity interviews; the frantic prep, the backstage chaos, the bloopers and even those things that usually get BEEPED! (And apparently me talking about my favourite subject – LOVE – A LOT – hahaha!) Oh and on episode one, a deep dive into Christ Martin‘s unbelievably blue eyes! *sigh* #IHeartColdplay #LivingTheDream #HowIsThisMyLifeAgain?!


This show promises to take you behind the velvet rope, inside your favourite celebrity homes and very often – right into their laps (I’m looking at you Ranveer Singh!) Now all I need from you is a wish list of the stars you wanna see, events you want to be at (in the VIP section of course) and the goodies you wanna win. Tell me in the comments below. And just for starters here’s what’s ALREADY up for grabs:

1. A scrap book of Hrithik Roshan’s movie posters (signed by him and his papa Rakesh Roshan). Plus a mini lego sculpture he made!
2. A mini guitar signed by Farhan Akhtar and Shraddha Kapoor.
3. A little glass cricket bat signed by Sushant Sighn Rajput.
4. Two vinyl LPs signed by Coldplay’s Chris Martin!!!
5. A set of Ranveer Singh posters where he’s written the tag lines himself!
6. A racer back tee signed by ALL The Vamps, plus a little heart pillow that was in our Vamps #MannequinChallenge.
7. A Limited edition KENZO x H&M bomber jacket & key chain!


And how do you win them? Well watch the show and find out! Follow all the action @MissMalini & @Vh1India with the hashtags #Vh1InsideAccess, #InsideAccess & #GetWithIt.

Psst! I’ll be LIVE on Facebook just before episode 1 on December 8th at 7:45pm so you can play and win and ask me anything your little heart desires. Now check out my vlog behind the blog with the making of my Vh1 India promo and a couple of celebrity shenanigans with Farhan Akhtar, Shraddha Kapoor and The Vamps!

Lezzgo baby! Let MissMalini be your Bollywood BFF because I’ve got a VIP +1 just for you. xoxo

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