Say hello to The Kylie Shop—yes, Kylie Jenner now has a shop launching on December 9th. The Kardashian took to Instagram, subtly announcing that she is launching her very own clothing store. Check her out posing in an oversized black sweatshirt featuring, none other than herself (scantily clad in lingerie), on the back!

From the looks of it, will make you forget all about those lip kits. Peep this Kylie-designed sports bra and matching booty shorts.

Although the feed looks hella sexy, we have so many questions. Will the store also sell her lip kits and coloured wigs? Will it also sell the kind of lingerie she likes to Instagram so much? So many questions, so many more days till the launch…

In the meantime, here’s the countdown:

The Kylie Shop
The Kylie Shop

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