Here’s How You Can Layer Your Outfits Like A Pro During Winters

Here’s How You Can Layer Your Outfits Like A Pro During Winters

Hrishitaa Sharma

With the sudden chill in the air, we were on the verge of bidding all our sexy (skimpy) outfits goodbye. Then came the trend ‘layering’ to our mind and we thought (–) why now? This trend has been there for a while and gives a sure-shot guarantee of making your #OOTD a notch or two chicer! Check out all the cool ways you can layer your outfit and not feel cold (this is like killing two birds with one stone!). Ouch!

1. Wear your lacy bralette over your comfy turtle-neck.

2. Or any lacy tops under your pullovers.

3. A collared shirt under your long sweat shirt takes you from cool to chic instantly.

4. Or wear it under your trench with a cinching waist belt (–) that works too!

5. An XL turtle neck and a pair of thigh-high boots can also layer your shirt wonderfully!

6. And who said layering is not for feet? Wear thigh-high socks under your boots (–) Voilaa!

7. Your plaid shirts can look great under that stringy maxi dresses sitting in your closet for a long time.

8. Or Take your boyfriend shirt and slip a shorter skirt over it to nail #TryingNotTrying

9. Go crazy layering two colours on top of each other (–) black and white will never fail you!

That’s how much easy and fun this trend is! Do you have more ideas to layer your outfit? Show us a picture in the comments below!