Bigg Boss 10 Recap: Bani J Breaks Down; And Rahul Dev Has Finally Arrived!

Sukriti Gumber , 25 Nov 2016

We are on Day 2 of the BB Goldmine task and Lopa (and Manu) is still unsuccessful in stealing gold from Rohan‘s treasury.

The task

Bigg Boss 10 (Source: Twitter)
Bigg Boss 10 (Source: Twitter)

Lopa tried to steal from Rohan early in the morning but he sabotaged her attempt. They had a tussle of sorts where Lopa tried to bind Rohan with the rope that was tied around the treasury box. WTF, Lopa? I thought you were smarter than this.

She did not get any help from Manu in this regard and I am not ashamed to say that I am Team Manu this time. He has played the game quite sensibly so far and was right on his part to not plunge in between Rohan and Lopa and spoil the situation. Lopa blamed Manu for not being competent enough. She told him that they would have succeeded if he would have helped her in tying up Rohan and eventually contested for captaincy. #LulzLopa

How could Manu just tie him up and run away with the treasury?! He tried to make Lopa understand that she is friends with Rohan and her rumpus with him could easily be passed off as a friendly tiff; whereas if he would have butted in, there would be a huge hue and cry about it.

Bas. Itni si baat. 

He also felt Lopa did not tell him all the rules of the task. Other housemates also agreed the task was quite easy to execute, but her face clearly gave away she was upto something and that worked against her. Later, Lopa said she felt like a real thief and felt very guilty about her attempt to steal. Oh come onnn! It was a game!

Which reminds me that the unthinkable happened in tonight’s episode!

Rahul Dev

Rahul had an argument. With Swami ji. A real argument. It involved talking. It meant taking a stand. It meant not lurking around the house, waiting for 1 Bigg Boss day to get over.

So, Rahul Dev ko gussa kyu aaya? And what type of aggression does he show? Let’s find out!

Bigg Boss 10 (Source: Twitter)
Bigg Boss 10 (Source: Twitter)

Goldmine maalik, Rohan asked Manu to check everybody’s pockets, in case they had hidden any gold. Swami ji raised a finger at Rahul and said he was likely to have stolen the gold. This irked Rahul. He got furious and asked Swami ji on what basis he had blamed him.


Suddenly, we saw Rahul lashing out at Swami ji, saying, “Tu jalebi hai, bas chashni ki jagah tatti mein dali hui hai” and “Jalebi hai tatti mein talli hui” and other stuff.

Which basically means Swami ji is a “jalebi dipped in a piece of shit instead of sugar syrup” and he is  also “Jalebi fried in shit”.

Eww, I really liked jalebi. Until now.

So we are now acquainted with Rahul’s temper. He likes to involve potty abusives. Hmmm, I have a few such friends too. Nice to know you, Rahul! Come out of hibernation again, someday.


As for Swami ji, he was same ol’. “Meri hatya kar do“, he kept saying during the argument. Ugh, calm your tits, I wanted to tell him. Obviously, he later went to apologise to Rahul for his behaviour. So typical!

Anyway, moving forward –

Bani J had a horrible day.

Bigg Boss 10 (Source: Twitter)
Bigg Boss 10 (Source: Twitter)

While cooking, she mentioned that everybody should wash their utensils after a meal to avoid a pile. Mona retorted saying they all do their work and she must not repeat this time and again. Bani requests her to not take it personally, but the damage had been done.

Further, Bani, along with Gaurav gets into a war of words with Swami ji (yes, he fought here as well) due to his tendency to not help with the house chores. But Swami ji won’t agree and said he wasn’t “told” to do anything, which was as usual, a nonsense comeback. He also said he was not feeling well, therefore he did not help.

This continued for a while, with Swami ji blabbering about “Bani ki sab ninda karte hai“, till Gaurav advises Bani to stop replying and they get up from the table.

Bigg Boss 10 (Source: Twitter)
Bigg Boss 10 (Source: Twitter)

Bani is visibly disturbed and felt she is largely misunderstood by the housemates. She retreated into a corner and hid under her hoodie to look at a few photos (one of them being her rumoured boyfriend’s). Gaurav tries to pacify and cheer her up but she preferred being left alone.

Bigg Boss 10
Bigg Boss 10

*The end*

P.S- Rohan continues as captain after winning the task.

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