MissMalini's Favourite Memories From The US!

MissMalini , 25 Nov 2016

Ah the great US of A! Who doesn’t have the most epic memories from trips stateside? Here are just a few of mine, in no particular order :)

1. Spinning in NYC!

I have SO many fantastic memories of New York City, one of which was the very #geekchic Qualcomm snap dragon launch where I experienced my very first 540 degree photo-booth using 130 HTC One smart phones! How cool is that?!

Snapdragon Booth
Snapdragon Booth

2. Dear Mrs. Obama, I heart you.

By far my most memorable trip to America was to hear Michelle Obama speak about the importance of education for girls at an event attended by key bloggers from around the world. Definitely bucket list material to listen to the incredibly inspiring first lady in the flesh! Just more reasons to love my job (and of course Maybelline and the #MakeItHappen campaign!)

3. New York Fashion Week, #Swag

New Your and fashion week? I don’t mind if I do! I spent last Valentine’s Day at NYFW (in -16 degrees I might add!) but it was glorious. Also major bonus, finally got a chance to rock some winter wear and those knee high boots I love so much! Bonus, meeting super model Jourdan Dunn and partying with makeup genie Elton Fernandez!

4. My Harvard Boy.

I don’t know if you know this, but my husband is a smarty pants! Not only did he go to Yale, he graduated from Harvard Business School too! So you can imagine my pride when I watched him get his diploma after our 2 year long-distance relationship from Bombay to Cambridge, Massachusetts. I love happy endings, don’t you? :)

5. Hello Hollywood!

Sometimes I want to pinch myself when I think about my life. I mean who gets to go to Los Angeles and watch practically ALL of Hollywood descend on the Independent Spirit Awards on Oscar weekend?! I’ll let the pictures do the talking but can I just say, I love you Mr. Draper and “have you met Ted?”



Now that you’ve jogged my memory I feel like getting on a plane and going right back! So much left to see (and I feel like the Magic Mountain is calling me…) Plus, all thanks to WesternUnion.com, money is never an issue when I am in the US.

This post is in partnership with WesternUnion.com

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