Bigg Boss 10: This Is What Jason Shah Told Me Before Entering The House

Sukriti Gumber , 27 Nov 2016
Jason Shah (Source: Instagram)
Jason Shah (Source: Instagram)

If you are following Bigg Boss 10, you are aware that the super (se bhi uparr) hot model, Jason Shah is going to enter the house as a wild card entry. I am quite stoked about him being the much needed eye candy in the house.

Because just look at him!

Jason Shah
Jason Shah

*Fans self*

Anyway, I had the good luck of speaking to this greek god before he entered the house.

And he told me quite a lot, beginning with his favourite contestants:

Bani and Manu definitely, because they are good at what they do, they stand by what they believe, they stand up against somebody when they say something wrong. They don’t just sit in the background jaise apna Rahul Dev karta hai.

Who does he think will clash against him?

1 or 2 people for sure, but I can’t say anything at  the moment. I can’t say whose ideals don’t match with mine because whoever brings up any topic or stands against me, then I will also stand on my opinion. Not saying that I am not gonna stand against anybody. I am just going to take it one day at a time.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

And what does he have to say about the stereotype that wild card entrants do not win the show?

Bas mera naam kafi hai. (Laughs) I have never played a reality show before, so I don’t know, but kuch bhi ho sakta hai. If the crowd likes me, then I will be able to get votes and stay in the house. Also, If I play well!

And that face can also help, maybe?!

(Delicious laughter) Hopefully! I observed that not many have the good looking profile in the house. I plan to play on that basis. So yes, I am going to make good use of my looks as much as possible. I am gonna be using whatever I have in my hands, whether its good looks or  personality or whether it’s how to play the game or get tasks done. But I may not be as smart and quick witted as others.

Of course, I also asked him about the strategy he has in mind:

Kisi group mein nahi jana hai but I want to be able to build a relationship with everyone based on what I give and what they give back to me. But jaise main hoon, main vaise hi rahega, point of view badalna nahi chahiye. You have to stick by it. And zyada maine socha nahi because if I think too much, it’s gonna be over-thinking.

But girls! He has a girlfriend and he has no plans to err… pull off a romance in the house.

The temperature in the house is sure gonna soar higherrrr! Are you guys looking forward to see Jason in the house?

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