This Sunglass Trend Is Crystal Clear

This Sunglass Trend Is Crystal Clear

Hrishitaa Sharma

Looks like everybody has their eyes on the zero powered glasses these days. Just the perfect way to mix the geek with a lil’ chic! They come in all shapes and sizes – aviators being the most commonly seen. From models like Kendall Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski to actresses like Khloé Kardashian, Jenifer Aniston and Sonakshi Sinha are all in for this trend. Check out all the cool ways their eyes are doing the talking in these see through glasses. #InspirationTime

1. Khloé wears them with a cute high, ponytail!

2. Sonakshi matches her black rimmed aviators with a sporty cap.

3. Emily opts for a golden rimmed frame to go with OOTD for the playoffs.

4. Jenifer Aniston means business styling them up with a formal dress.

That’s how they’re keeping their eyes on the prize! Even we couldn’t help but give this a shot. Check out our fashion blogger Hrishitaa Sharma (yours truly) flaunting her geek-chic mode with a fedora!

Tell us how you would wear these zero powered glasses?