Befikre's Stylist Dishes On Styling Ranveer Singh And Vaani Kapoor

Hrishitaa Sharma , 29 Nov 2016

We have all been glued to the cool posters and BTS images from the much awaited movie – Befikre. Apart from Ranveer Singh looking dashing and dapper, we’re even looking forward to the leggy diva Vaani Kapoor. Both the stars have been styled by the very talented stylist, Natalie Yuksel. So the fashion team at MissMalini did what it does best – interview! So here’s getting up close and personal (in 12 questions) with the person who made Ranveer and Vaani look hella cool. Future stylists, take notes! 

1. Team MissMalini: How did you first get into styling?
Natalie Yuksel: I graduated from London College of Fashion; University of the Arts London and moved to Paris as a gap year to learn French. During that year I found an internship in a magazine, this led to an assistant position which led to an editor position and the rest as they say is history!

2. Team MM: What was your first job?
Natalie Yuksel: My first job as a stylist was recreating an image of Marisa Berenson from the film Barry Lyndon for a French Fashion Magazine. I styled her in a Haute Couture Christian Dior dress and managed to pinch her skin in the zip, leaving me absolutely mortified. She was very graceful in accepting my apology, I think she could see how horrified I was.

3. Team MM: Who was the first celebrity you styled? For what gig?

Natalie Yuksel: The first full fashion story with a celebrity I styled was Eva Green for the American publication Flaunt. It was wonderful because I really got to change her look.

4. Team MM: What is the most difficult/demanding request you’ve ever been given? For/by whom?
Natalie Yuksel: I once styled a campaign for a luxury brand and the Creative Director asked me to cut a part of the garment which I refused to do as it was Haute Couture, so one of a kind and an important part of the brand’s archive. The dialogue lasted about 20 Minutes but I stood my ground, found a solution and the garment was never cut.

5. Team MM: How did you choose style/clothing of Ranveer and Vani’s characters in the movie?
Natalie Yuksel: It all started with the script. Once I’d read the script I spoke to Adi about the characters and produced mood boards for each of them. From then on my team and I sourced and produced pieces that reflected my mood boards.

Natalie Yuksel
Natalie Yuksel

6. Team MM: What was it like styling actors Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor from Befikre? Did you know who they were previous to working with them? Any cute, funny, mortifying stories about them you can share?
Natalie Yuksel: It was really great. I did not know them before this project but I got to hang out with them before filming started which was very fun. One night after a beautiful dinner with Adi, Ranveer and Shiv forced my hand and insisted that we were going out to party, they were not taking no for an answer! I took them to a private club in Paris called Castel and three of us ended up setting the dance floor on fire, it was so much fun! During my time with Ranveer he also taught me how to take a selfie!

7. Team MM: Have you ever watched a Bollywood film? If so, which one or which is your favourite?
Natalie Yuksel: Yes I had the pleasure of watching Bajirao Mastani in Mumbai on it’s release night with Adi who kindly explained the story during the film as there are were no subtitles. That was a really cool experience.

Natalie Yuksel
Natalie Yuksel

8. Team MM: Your style icons?
Natalie Yuksel: My style icons are Jackie Kennedy, Vivienne Westwood, and Diane Veerland.

9. Team MM: Is there anyone you’ve styled who has left you completely star struck?
Natalie Yuksel: Cate Blanchett without a doubt she has this incredible aura about her.

10. Team MM: What has been your most favourite/memorable moment in styling?
Natalie Yuksel: I would say shooting in the Seychelles because it was like working in paradise.

11. Team MM: Describe your personal style.
Natalie Yuksel: I would say classical with a twist.

12. Team MM: Advice to give aspiring stylists?

Natalie Yuksel: Learn your craft; read books, go to exhibitions, research on the Internet and assist for as long as possible. Stay curious at all times, have patience and be prepared to work hard. Hard work always pays off.

So that’s how it’s like to be all fierce walking in a stylist’s shoes! It’s tough work and a great one as well. Tell us how much are you looking forward to the movie? We can’t wait.

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