Besides being known as one of Victoria’s Secret most famous supermodels, Heidi Klum has also made a name for herself as the queen of Halloween costumes (literally, google any previous Halloween and her costume is over the top!). But this year, the international model throws us the biggest curveball ever. As we waited with anticipation to see how she would out-do herself this time, we were shocked to find that the she attended her annual Halloween bash as herself—and an army of her clones in tow!

Major points to Heidi and her team who carefully plan a prosthetic-like face prep and make the star-studded event her most ambitious one yet! Scroll below to see how the model arrives at the party with five look-alikes.

First, they got started on the faces.

Then, came the prosthetics!

Lots of prosthetics…

Next, a wardrobe fit only for a supermodel.

Let’s not forget the weaves.

And tonnsss of lashes…

Last but not least—it’s mani time.

Hours later, it’s showtime!

Drumroll, please…

It takes a lot of work to be as gorgeous as Heidi Klum, but these women did it!

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