“I’ve Owned The Pregnancy” – Kareena Kapoor Opens Up

“I’ve Owned The Pregnancy” – Kareena Kapoor Opens Up

Rashmi Daryanani

In Bollywood, there’s a tendency to keep a fairly low profile while pregnant – and understandably so – but Kareena Kapoor has done the opposite of that. If anything, we’ve seen her around even more, and she’s looked better with each appearance. You’d think she’d be concerned about privacy issues, but it seems like that’s not really the case – the actress says that, in fact, there’s a lot of “respect and understanding” during this time.

In her conversation with Grazia, she said:

I believe there’s a lot of respect and understanding between me and my family, the media, industry friends or even the audience, because I’ve kind of owned the pregnancy.

And owned she has! Can’t wait to read the rest of the interview when the issue hits stands.