These Accessories Tell Us - What Kind Of Music Fest Girl Are You

Hrishitaa Sharma , 01 Dec 2016

With the beginning of December we’re not just closer to the next year but also getting closer to all the music festivals that are coming our way. And with the cool fests comes the responsibility of dressing like a complete rockstar! TBH music fests are the perfect playground to experiment with your personal style. Here is one accessory you can flaunt according to your personal style.

1. Head Bands – For the understated, boho girls.

2. Bodychains – For the girls with the wild boho soul.

3. Metallic Tattoos – For the girls who have some magic in their madness.

4. Scarfs – For the girls who keep it casual and creative.

5. Stacked Bracelets – For the girls who are upbeat and loaded with life.

6. Arm cuffs – For the girls who keep it simple yet striking.

7 Ear Cuffs – For the girls who love to tease.

8. Septum Rings – For the girls who are experimental genius.

9. Stacked Anklets – For the girls with a wild spirit and hidden stories.

10. Statement Rings – For the girls who have a heart of a traveler.

So that’s all the cool ways you can accessorise the look. No matter what kind of a girl are you, just go with your own flare for fashion and a hint of something new and cool.

Tell us what’s your favourite way to accessorise your music fest look.

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