Your DIY Crop Top

Your DIY Crop Top

Meg DSouza

There’s a totally easy and super cheap way to wear your trusty pair of tights or leggings. If you’re a keen keeper upper with The Kardashians, then you need to read on. This DIY hack, originally devised by dancers, will help you re-purpose your sheer, fishnets, opaques into a cute crop top or undershirt.

You basically need two things – a pair of tights or leggings and scissors. Fold the pair into half and in case you’re using a pair of tights, cut off the feet to make the opening for your hands. In case of leggings, you can skip this step. Mark a semi circle on the pointy crotch part and cut along that mark to make the opening to fit your head through.

And voila! Wear it over, under, inside, outside, as a cute AF, sheer, netted or opaque crop top and Instagram away.

Watch the video below to add this hack to the top of your list.

We’d love to know that there are people like us, crazy enough to wear this trend, so tell us if you’ll be trying this anytime soon in your comments. And don’t forget to tag us in your #tightsastops pics.