AIB's Hilarious Take On Demonetisation Will Leave You In Splits!

Divya Rao , 06 Dec 2016

unnamed-11For weeks together, everything has been haywire in this country, thanks to the recent demonetisation by Modi. Some support it, some question it, some oppose it, but you can’t deny that everyone’s talking about it and everyone’s life has been affected because of this new development. Well, at least most of ours lives have been.

What’s the one thing that literally every human in the country relates to now? Overtly long lines at the ATM and a never-ending shortage of cash. The Rs.2000 note in my wallet is just as useless as the now demonetised Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes! No one has change and if they do, nobody wants to give that to you.

When the going gets tough, trust AIB to come up with a hilarious take on the situation in the country! Portraying the mindset of the people in a completely unabashed manner, the video has already garnered over 300k videos.

I LOVED it! Watch and tell us what you think.

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