Essentials For Every Man’s Closet

Essentials For Every Man’s Closet

Sanaa Shah
Savile Row at Van Heusen+ GQ Fashion Nights

Accessories always act as the perfect finishing touch to any look. Both men and women would agree. Having said that, watches, ties, wallets, shoes are the basics that you will inevitably find in any man’s wardrobe. But to look apart you need accessories that aren’t the usual. Here’s a mix of add-ons we spotted at Van Heusen+ GQ Fashion Nights and a few cool pieces we think every man should own to keep it stylish.

Here are 4 new accessory trends we would love for men to try:

1. Scarves

This is a perfect add-on to your Indian wear, your suit or even your casual wear. Add a printed or a plan scarf to upgrade your basic style.

Rohit Bal at Van Heusen+ GQ Fashion Nights

2. Brooch

This accessory for men is slowly making a comeback and adds the perfect ornamental factor to your outfit. You can either choose to add it to your bandhgala, blazer, jackets or even to the knot of your scarf.

Rohit Bal at Van Heusen+ GQ Fashion Nights

3. Man-bag

As the world now knows that men too carry bags, a multi-purpose handbag that can carry your work and daily essentials is a must have. High time you stop asking your girlfriends to carry your stuff in their bag and man up for the man purse.

Savile Row at Van Heusen+ GQ Fashion Nights

4. Socks

A pair of colourful socks under suits is a look that says ” Yeah I know the rules but I’m confident enough to carry this off”. This is a good way to add some oomph to your boring style.

These accessories are the key items that will freshen up your wardrobe without forking for a new one.

Which out of these would you want to include in your personal style? Pick a favourite and let us know by commenting below.