Rakhi Sawant Admits She Got Engaged To Elesh Parajunwala For Money

Divya Rao , 10 Dec 2016
Rakhi Sawant

Entertainment, entertainment, and… entertainment‘. Apart from Vidya Balan, who is the one person that comes to mind when you hear this? Rakhi Sawant. Yup. One thing that grabbed a lot of eyeballs was her TV show Rakhi Ka Swayamvar, where she vowed to pick a groom amongst the contestants and get married on TV. While she didn’t get married, she did zero in on a winner – Indian-American businessman Elesh Parajunwala. The duo had a highly publicised engagement, only to call it off a couple of months later.

If you were wondering why this happened, Sawant recently spoke about this with a leading daily.

I got engaged to Elesh for money, I wanted to buy a flat. Why should I lie? I didn’t want to marry someone only to divorce him later. I am not dating anyone. Also, I am not getting good prospects because of my image created by the media. I don’t want to marry a young guy or a struggler. I am looking for a mature and affluent man, who can take care of me and my needs.

Hmmm.. at least she was honest about it. We do hope she finds what she’s looking for real soon.

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