27 People Reveal What Stopped Them From Having Sex Midway!

Shreemi Verma , 12 Dec 2016
Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor
Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor

Today, I came across this interesting thread on Reddit where people discussed what stopped them from doing the deed! Yep, sex is great, and stopping midway really isn’t. So we picked some of the best answers from the thread and asked our own friends to tell us their experiences in this matter. Here are some of the most interesting answers –

The answers below are unedited and the names have been withheld.

What has made you stop having sex midway?

  1. Literally nothing.
    Source: giphy
    Source: giphy
  2. I’ll never forget one time after a flag football tournament on a really cold day after playing 3 or 4 games I headed over to a girl’s house I had just started hooking up with. She was on top and I got the worst cramps of my life in both of my thighs at the same time. As I yell out in pain, she yells back “Well there’s no way I’m getting off of you, deal with it”. We’ve now been dating 4 years.
  3. When the guy said – “Hey, let’s not use a condom”. Like NO. Unprotected sex is not cool under any circumstances (unless you’re procreating, of course). And the whole argument of “Oh, it’s more pleasurable without a condom” is BS. I had no intention of going through an unwanted pregnancy or abortion so you can get your 2 mins of pleasure.
  4. His dog walked into the room and decided that was the perfect time to climb onto the bed and show us some love. Not the nicest thing to have a dog lick your face when you’re in the moment!
  5. My dog starting shitting across the room.
  6. When the cops flashed a light at us. A climax I never want to have again :(
    Shilpa Shetty
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  7. When his mom knocked on the door and asked us to join his parents for lunch!
  8. So we met after a break of a month for obvious reasons (Caught cheating on me DUH! all men love to have Hanky Panky), we met and tried speaking, took some help of Alcohol :P and ended up having make up sex which backfired and reminded me of the OTHER girl :( And i stopped and sobbed!
  9. PHONE CALLS! Phone calls from his mummy, papa, bhaiya, behen. Not entirely his fault because he cannot avoid them because of “the act”. But it definitely breaks the moment, intensity and gets a tad bit annoying (especially if all of them call to just ask his whereabouts).
  10. Got halfway through the act when he stopped and became upset. He told me he’d been thinking about becoming a Buddhist monk for a while now and he had now made up his mind and was going to follow his dreams. He hopped off and left.
    aishwarya rai
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  11. A cop knocking on the window
  12. Father tapping me on the back
  13. I forgot to wash my hands after chopping jalapeno. She ran away right quick.
    Ooh Burn
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  14. Being called his ex-wife’s name in the heat of the moment. Starfished the remainder.
  15. I was on top of him. Sexy time was happening. And then, I threw my back out and I couldn’t move. He was kind of big and so am I so he had to literally wiggle out from under me, help me lie down straight, massage my back/waist a little bit. Oh, all this was happening when we were stark naked, if it wasn’t clear. After some awkward laughs, he put on his clothes and he left. I fucked in missionary position almost exclusively for a while after the incident.
  16. Tried to spank her while she was straddling me. I missed and got myself in the balls. Game over man, game over.
  17. Usually enjoy dirty talking during sex, so one time whilst having sex with my SO. I moaned out “fuck my hot turbo pussy.” He was laughing so hard we had to stop.
  18. He bit my clit.
    Kareena Kapoor
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  19. Her husband came home. It was a tinder hook up and I had no fucking idea she was married.
    I didn’t even hear him coming. One minute I was banging her from behind, the next I’m in a fucking choke hold and rapidly losing consciousness while she screams and begs him to stop. I black out, and when I come around I’m lying in the garden, naked, with all of my clothes scattered around me. Apparently he dragged me down the stairs by my foot and my head bounced off of every step, then he dumped me outside, locked the door and proceeded to trash his own house up.
  20. My girlfriend had two kids and was waitressing to support them (husband had run off and wasn’t paying child support). So one night I went over to her place and was doing her and noticed she was being awfully still for her – she’d fallen asleep. Yeah, that put a damper on things.
  21. I had a bit of a cold and a really bad stuffed up nose. My nose decided to unblock itself mid thrust, and I blew a load of runny snot all over her neck. And there was a lot of it. I basically slimed her. That was the first and last time we had sex.
    Anushka Sharma
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  22. He started having abdominal pains so we stopped for a bit but they didn’t go away. Figure out he has bad gas. I talk him into getting into downward facing dog position while I massage his stomach and press the fart out of him.
  23. Met a girl at a rave, brought her home to hook up. So we’re getting started, things are fun, I decide to flip her over to go at it doggy-style. Well….turns out she had either taken a massive shit prior to going out or is just plain bad at cleaning back there. Got the biggest stench of shit as soon as she turned over.
    Immediately lost all interest in sex and wanted nothing more than to curl up under my covers in the fetal position.

    Ranbir Kapoor
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  24. Girlfriend’s period started 3 days early, we joked that I’d literally fucked her into next week.
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  25. I called him by my ex’s name while in the midst of intense foreplay.
  26. It was mid day and no one was at home. Suddenly there’s a thud outside the door, I run and hide in his closet and he runs to lock the door. A few seconds later his mom knocks asking if he wanted to have some pizza. Turns out she was home this whole time!!
  27. His tummy was rumbling weirdly like a cat was being mauled. And my sex fart. Basically Chinese food before sex is not a good idea.
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