Bigg Boss 10: Sahil Anand Opens Up About Why He Kept His Marriage A Secret

Divya Rao , 12 Dec 2016
Sahil Anand

Actor and Bigg Boss 10‘s wild card contestant Sahil Anand got evicted from the BB house this Saturday after spending just about two weeks in the house. He went in with a lot of promise and enthusiasm but that fizzled out soon than we’d expected. We caught up with him to find out about his experience.

First of all, how was your experience in the Bigg Boss house?

I was there for just two weeks, so it was a really quick one, but it gave me enough time to understand exactly what the game is and what is going on inside the house. I’d have to add though, that it was a very difficult experience and was challenging.

You went in to the house promising you’ll make a lot of impact in the house but we’ve barely noticed your presence in the last 2 weeks. What do you have to say about that?

See, I went in to the house saying I’m going to correct all the wrong things in the house, which I did. Whatever you see on TV – it’s all just the fights, arguments and politics that go on inside the house. Whenever there was a fight going on, I was the person who balanced it out or would try to get that solved between the two people. In fact, I did that a lot of times. In the first week that I was there, I tried to explain to Swami Om that he shouldn’t be saying such profane things about women and should treat them well. I even explained to Lopa that she was wrong in interfering while Bani was talking during the press conference, which even she later agreed to. I just wanted this Bigg Boss family inside the house to stay put together and live a little more happily. I don’t have a habit of adding masala to fights. But then again, if these good things aren’t shown on TV and they only air fights, then I’m very happy that I’m out.

Did you go in with a strategy since you’d previously been on reality shows and had also watched the season so far?

There was no strategy. I had obviously watched the show before going in and realised that strategies don’t work inside the house. Even if, by chance, you go in with a strategy, new things are thrown at you every day, so that strategy won’t work. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t believe things until he sees them himself. So, I wanted to go on the show and see for myself if what you see on the show is true, because you guys only get to watch 45 minutes out of 24 hours in day. Also, just because I was barely seen, it doesn’t mean I was sleeping every day or sitting in a corner. They just haven’t shown the nice things that go on inside the house.

Your marriage has taken everyone by surprise. Why have you kept this a secret?

Honestly speaking, I’m a very private person and keep things to myself. I don’t share anything about my family – things like what happened or what’s happening, and I like to keep it that way. I have very few friends in the industry and I don’t mingle around or socialise much. I like to keep things on the surface and I would request the media to let this be and try to understand. See, my partner is from the corporate world and is not part of this industry. So, when she sees all this, it disturbs her a great deal.

Who according to you is playing the game really well?

I think everybody is trying to play the game to their best in their own way. Guruji does his own things, Priyanka Jagga keeps trying to create fights between friends. But the one person who’s very quietly playing his game and maintaining his relationships with everyone is Gaurav Chopra.

Now that you’ve spent time inside, who do you see in the finale?

Definitely Bani. If she gets a little more mentally strong and can keep her emotions under control, she definitely will make it to the finale. At the end of the day, it is a mental game. I also think Manu, Manveer and Gaurav will go far in the show.

What are your plans post Bigg Boss?

My plan is to work on the thing I’m the best at and am most passionate about – acting. I’m going to focus just on that and hopefully, you’ll see more of me through that, instead of reality shows.

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