Bigg Boss 10: Swami Ji Wins 2 Weeks' Immunity; Prize Money Further Slashed

Sukriti Gumber , 12 Dec 2016

Monday is an important day in the Bigg Boss house as the nominations ki prakriya takes place every week on Mondays. In tonight’s episode, before the nomination procedure begins, Swami Ji is called to the confession room and offered an interesting chance.

Om Swami

Bigg Boss offers him immunity from nomination for 2 weeks, but in order to gain it, he must deduct 10 lakhs from the prize money. Of course, Swami ji agreed to the offer, much to the disappointment of other housemates, who are watching the live footage through JIO TV.

Everyone is annoyed with this development as they feel that it is unfair, especially because Swami ji is the least deserving of all. After Nitibha‘s immunity medallion worth Rs 25 Lakhs, and now Swami ji’s immunity costing 10 Lakhs, the prize money is reduced to 15 Lakhs only.

No wonder the housemates are angry!

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