Duo Manish Arora & Kangana Ranaut Are Unstoppable

Meriam Ahari , 12 Dec 2016

When thinking of Manish Arora, the words audacious, flamboyant, and colourful don’t just come to mind. Rather, these words do somersaults and back flips in front of flashing neon lights, demanding our attention. That is the fantastical world of Manish Arora. This rarity of a designer is anything but #basic. You will never catch plain Jane models in tame ensembles and neutral hues walking his runway. Instead, the ringmaster of fashion whose imagination knows no limits, consistently delivers a feast for the eyes.

Over the weekend, Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2016 presented a collection from the one-of-a-kind designer at the Grand Hyatt in Mumbai. Never having seen Manish Arora’s show in person, I was absolutely thrilled and ready for a spectacle. I anticipated a mash-up of bold colours, excessively ornate clothing, elaborate accessories with a mind of their own, and equally bombastic makeup and hair to completely steal the show. As the collection poured down the runway—underneath black lights that made his neon pieces pop like we were all at a warehouse rave—and Midival Punditz featuring Raghu Dixit amped up the crowd, I realized the experience was everything I expected and more. It was truly Burning Man-meets-Indian womenswear. It’s no wonder Manish Arora cited both as the inspiration behind his collection.

Like certain concerts that are guaranteed a good time, Manish Arora’s collections always deliver. Though we may know what to expect, the designer always keeps us guessing how he’ll outdo himself. One thing is for sure, Manish Arora’s show will be one hell of a ride.

Check out Manish Arora’s incredible looks from the show and don’t miss his stunning showstopper Kangana Ranaut!


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