TV Actress Says She Was Sexually Harassed On A Flight

Shreemi Verma , 12 Dec 2016
Tinaa Dattaa

TV actress Tina Dattaa reveals she was sexually harassed on a flight she took from Mumbai to Rajkot. Tina reveals that another passenger sitting behind her touched her inappropriately, but the airline staff took no notice and said that such incidents are routine. She spoke about the harrowing incident to Mid-Day –

As soon as I sat down, I felt someone trying to sneak his hands through the side and touch me. I screamed at him. Taken aback, the man, identified as Rajesh, started stammering and apologised. Crew members intervened, but proved to be of little help. They had the audacity to tell me such things happen and that they will change the man’s seat.I demanded that he be offloaded, but was told that I would also have to get off to file a complaint.

She said when she went to the captain, he told told her that the crew is not responsible for anything that happens on board-

I was appalled. Barring one family, no other passenger stood up for me.

The spokesperson of Jet-Airways (the airline which Tina was talking about) gave the following statement regarding the matter –

A guest filed a complaint with the cabin crew against another guest, seated in proximity to her, for inappropriate behaviour. The crew took due cognizance of the complaint and allocated a different seat to the latter guest. As per standard operating procedure, the cabin crew informed the security agencies, which have taken over the matter.

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