MMExclusive: Stylist Of The Movie Raees Talks About Styling Shah Ruk Khan

MMExclusive: Stylist Of The Movie Raees Talks About Styling Shah Ruk Khan

Hrishitaa Sharma

So Shah Ruk Khan’s look from the movie Raees is all that we can drool over these days. The pathani suit and the see-through aviators – his signature look is becoming all the rage. And need we say how handsome he’s looking in the movie? So, we had to catch up with Sheetal Sharma who styled him for this movie and had all the fun stories to tell us about him.

1. Team Missmalini: How was it like working with SRK? Any funny/memorable moments you’d like to share with us?

Sheetal Sharma: When I met Rahul Dholakia for the first time, he never mentioned that I will be designing the looks for SRK and then almost after 2 months of meetings and look referencing and discussing all that he was looking for he then said casually we will be meeting SRK next week as he’s playing the role of Raees! I was a bit nervous in the beginning but with time I became relaxed.  I have worked with him before in the movie Don 2 and I was like may be he won’t remember me… but then he saw me and he did remember me. That basically added to my confidence to present and discus his looks.

Also, while trying looks I remember when he wore that black pathani suit and walked out of his vanity van, everyone stopped and stared at him. That made me feel that the look has an impact and it’s now a happy memory.

2. Team MissMalini: What was the inspiration for SRK’s look in the film Raees?

Sheetal Sharma: Rahul was looking for a very organic look of Raees, so while researching about the look instead of referencing regular images on search engines, I thought of looking into old albums of my friends family’s and their parents. I started picking up basic elements of late 70’s or 80’s and then stretched it out to real images.

3. Team MissMalini: It’s said that SRK’s pathani suits, glasses, even the surama were chosen after many experiments. Is that true?

Sheetal Sharma: Yes, there were a lot of trials but there’s always that one thing or an element that completes it all and that was the surama. As Soon as he wore surama on his eyes we saw Raees ready to role. I was a bit apprehensive in the beginning about surama and the glasses if they might hinder his acting as SRK is know to emote and express from his eyes and people love that the most. But as soon as we gave it a try it was the perfect menacing and powerful look that we wanted!

4. Team MissMalini: What are the styling essentials if someone wanted to get SRK’s look from the movie?

Sheetal Sharma: It’s very basic.. Just get in to a well fitted pathani suit in interesting, deep shades like maroon, dark green or black. A pop of surama in the eyes and of course see-through, gold rimmed, aviators and that’s how you can pull a Raees!

5. Team MissMalini: How did you first get into styling and who was the first celeb you ever styled?

Sheetal Sharma: I was just out of college and I got to work on my very 1st film by Ashim Alluwallia, which was a period film based in the gritty 80’s. That’s when I saw the stuggle of making a movie and how hard everybody works infront and behind the camera. Nawazuddin Siddiqui was the first celebrity I styled.

6. Team MissMalini: Could you describe your personal style in a few words?

Sheetal Sharma: I personal love easy going clothes. I like fashion with a lot of comfort. I love linen shirts and cotton comfort fit chinos and cotton/linen drawstring pants. For me Style or fashion is when you wear something it should be you wearing that outfit or style, not style wearing you. I also am a huge fan of vintage fashion.

7. Team MissMalini: Name 3 male actors who have a great sense of style.

Sheetal Sharma:

Shah Ruk Khan
Imran Khan
Ranveer Singh (he makes quirk look good on men)

8. Team MissMalini: What is the quintessential piece in men’s styling that no guy can ever go wrong with?

Sheetal Sharma: A simple grey or an earthy tone chino with a well fitted linen (white or powder blue) shirt and moccasins.

9. Team MissMalini: Do you have any piece of advice for the aspiring stylists out there?

Sheetal Sharma: Styling is not just about glamour or meeting actors and being in the limelight. In fact, a lot of work goes behind to make someone look right. Especially while styling for a movie, it’s very important to follow the direction on making the character come alive rather than just dressing a celebrity well. Be ready to work like crazy and give in all you got!

Thanks Sheetal for giving us all the scoop behind the styling of Raees. We can’t wait to get our hands on more styling pictures of SRK for you guys! If you have a question for the stylist comment below.