This Is How Twitter Reacted To #15YearsOfK3G

Divya Rao , 14 Dec 2016

This glorious movie, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham has today completed 15 years of its existence and it obviously must be celebrated. It gave to the world, Poo, who has become the epitome of sass; gave us the ‘it’s all about loving your family’ feels; and of course, the best memories!

Even Karan Johar is overwhelmed with all the love he receives till date

Shah Rukh joked about this one how all he remembers from the film is Karan fainting on the sets

And this is what Karan replied. Do we even want to know how much they spent on the costumes? Bank balance must’ve gone to “minuuuuus”! If you didn’t get that reference, you can’t sit with us.

But this is how the rest of the world aka Twitter reacted to this absolute-gem-of-a-movie-that-changed-our-lives-in-more-ways-than-one completing 15 years.

Thank you, Karan Johar, for the best gift ever.

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