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So my in-laws were in town 🙂 and we decided to do the quintessential Kerala visit, but with a special (re)treat thrown in… The Kairali Ayurvedi Healing Village; which I was intrigued to discover, actually has both hospital and spa status and aspires to transform the Ayurvedic Experience in luxurious style. So basically you’re healing, but in a space that feels more like a spa than a clinic and has a little zodiac consultation, morning yoga and evening meditation thrown in! Pretty clever right? No surprise then that they’re the proud winners of the  World Travel Awards ‘India’s Leading Spa Resort’ 2015! Here are the 10 things I loved best about it and highly recommend a pre/post new year’s detox if you’re looking to recharge and reboot! xoxo

1. My little house on the prairie.

I mean, who doesn’t want to spend a few days in a little cabin like this, that looks like it’s right out of the movies? (Please tell me you’ve see a movie called The Princess Bride).

2. A green scene.

green green

green green

Did you know that green is the prime colour of the world? Also all my life I’ve felt like when I see greenery it just soothes my eyes (and my soul.) So a stroll through the uber green pathways at Kairali are a real feast for the eyes!

3. This bullock cart…

You know how when you go somewhere and there’s this one prop that simply screams photo opp? Yeah that.

4. The pink drink!

How can you not love a state where the Ayurvedic drinking water is PINK!
FYI – Kerala Ayurvedic Water is hot drinking water, slightly pink in colour. It’s made with a hard part of the wood of a multipurpose tree that is widely used for various medicinal purposes. Pathimugam is widely used since ancient times and is an excellent herbal medicine!

5. Massages, obviously.

Healing therapies at Kairali aren’t quite referred to as “massages” however. There’s a doctor who assesses your health and requirements and prescribes the best treatments for you. Every treatment begins with an oily rub down (Ayurvedic massage style) and then a variety of hot stone, heated cloth bags, or my personal fave – pouring warm oil on your forehead for a good hour. *Bliss*

6. Ayurvedic meals.

Albeit vegetarian, the Ayurvedic menu was very light and quite delicious. We even took home a cookbook which I have been threatening to experiment with ever since we came back 😛
Psst, I’ll tell you a secret though, if you’re craving a little delicious biryani action after your detox Kayees in Mattancherry is where it’s at!

7. Skin love.

I have to say I’m liking this whole “pink” theme with Kerala’s popular products! Like this awesome grape seed and almond moisturizing lotion that was such a huge hit with everyone at the village, we bought a bunch of bottles to take home as gifts.

8. Astrology 101.

Aside from the house doctor, there is even a house astrologer who comes along and tells you all the amazing things in store for you in your future. Apparently Nowshad and I are going to be very rich and famous (well I could have told you that! LOL. Kidding.) He does however subscribe a a few visits to Tirupati as part of your homework so be prepared for that 🙂

9. Family time!

This was the first time my in-laws had made a trip together to India and I’m so glad it all worked out! (Aside from a truly relaxing stay at Kairali they even got the quintessential house-boat experience in Cochin the next day.) Miss you already Mamma & Baba!

10. Banana chips!

I’m sorry but this HAD to go in the blog! If you stay at Kairali the driver who gives you a village tour will take you to the ultimate banana chip store where you can purchase a selection of delicious chips at ridiculously low prices. Yum!

*So there you have it, what an awesome weekend. And the great news is YOU could win another free two nights stay at Kairali if you stay tuned to our #MM12DaysOfXmas contests! Merry Christmas!

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