VIDEO: This Is One Crazy Office Party

Sukriti Gumber , 15 Dec 2016
Team MissMalini

Team MissMalini strongly believes in ‘Work hard, party harder’, because hey, we are a hard working bunch, okay? Okay. However, you know how the mice play when the cat is away? Now honestly, we love our work and our #BossLady to bits, but sometimes one gets those mild mid-week blues.

Amirite or amirite?

Therefore, we decided to indulge our mild mid-week blues with a sorta mild not-at-all-wild party while Malini was away. And oh was that funnn?! (Rain check that story for later) But very soon our wild mild party was erupted as Malini was on her way back in FIVE MINUTES.

And hell hath no fury as a woman boss scorned. But guess who collectively saved the day, our asses and our jobs? Malini’s secret weapon, Ambi Pur. Don’t believe me?

See for yourself!

It didn’t mask, instead ELIMINATED all the malicious odours. We love you, Ambi Pur!

This post is in partnership with Ambi Pur.

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