Anu Menon & Kaneez Surka Talk About Being Women In Comedy

Anu Menon & Kaneez Surka Talk About Being Women In Comedy

Priyam Saha

As a cool, badass woman myself, there are very few things I love more than hanging out with fellow cool badass women. Last week, I spent some time with two beautiful and funny women – Anu Menon and Kaneez Surka – and between unending laughter, I managed to ask them about their next show. The two of them are performing at the #Festivelle2016 – a super cool fest put together by the super cool Gul Panag and Shruti Seth – today at 5pm at The Juhu Hotel in Mumbai and if I were you, I wouldn’t miss some glorious entertainment.

Excerpts from our chat:

So what’s your show about?

Anu: When you say there are two women doing anything, they always assume you have many points to make about your bodily funtions or your periods or some rant about men… is it ani-men? It’s not!

Kaneez: It’s called Rinse Cycle. There’s no agenda here. We’re not trying to have an agenda either. We’re just doing something fun… it’s just slices from our lives.

What was the one thing that made you want to be a part of #Festivelle2016?

K:  I was told I’ll be paid!

A: I don’t know about that. I know Shruti from my Channel V days so for me it’s more of a ‘am I getting paid?’

There’s this whole nonsense about women not being able to get along. Do you think that’s true at all?

K: The comedy scene doesn’t have that as much. Everyone gets along and it’s not bitchy at all.

A: And how to be? We’re like 7 of us – 7 women in the Indian comedy scene!

Here’s the line-up for the weekend:

WHO: 18+ Women ONLY

WHAT: A weekend by the Arabian sea amidst music, comedy, conversation, shopping, food, drink and incredible women that never hurt anybody.

WHEN: 17th & 18th December

WHERE: The Juhu Hotel, Mumbai.

You can book your tickets here and have a super super wooper time!