Guess Who: This Music Director Reportedly Demanded Sex From A New Singer

Shreemi Verma , 17 Dec 2016
Guess who?

Here’s a creepy blind item on, which is rather disgusting to read. We have a few names in our head, but we’d love it if you could guess who this is about.

So it goes like this, a lyricist friend of a married music director who used to be really active, but now does little work (out of choice) asked him to consider a new female singer for his upcoming movie projects. The music director reportedly ignored the lyricist’s request, but after a few months, the said lyricist asked him again to just give this new girl a chance. This time though, the music director asked the lyricist if the singer is ready to have sex with him. He then went on to say that if she has sex with him, then only will he make her sing in his new film, otherwise he isn’t interested. The lyricist knew that the girl won’t comply to any of these wishes, so he walked away.

Yep, this shit still happens. Any guesses?

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