Alia Bhatt Talks About Shooting Her Udta Punjab Gang Rape Scene & It's Horrific

Priyam Saha , 19 Dec 2016
Alia Bhatt in Udta Punjabi

Technically speaking, it was never ever graphic but while shooting… On set you want to be technical about it – ‘Han you come here, then this happens, then we’ll do that and I’ll scream and…’ So the face is all ‘Yeah, I’m with it, I’m okay with it because I’m acting’. But actually what’s happening inside is ‘I want this scene to get over. I just want this whole thing to get over.’ There used to be a walk in the lobby – walk to the lift and back to my room during Udta Punjab – I used to dread that walk everyday when I’d be getting out of my room, and I used to love the walk everyday when I’d be coming back to my room. Even though I love my work and my films, it was just weird to be in that situation, but what was most weird was pretending that I was cool on set.


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