Bigg Boss 10: Manu Punjabi Is Manipulating His Best Friends Manveer & Mona

Sukriti Gumber , 19 Dec 2016
Manveer, Mona, Manu Punjabi

Ever since the beginning of Bigg Boss 10, the M3 gang- Manu, Manveer and Mona, has stuck together through thick and thin. Their friendship has been the talking point of the show at one point of time and was also touted as one of the reasons the trio managed to sail through the season so far.

However, things seem to be quite patchy these days, especially after Manu’s re-entry. It’s no secret that upon his return, Manu was miffed to see Manveer’s growing intimacy with Nitibha. In tonight’s episode, Manu will be seen telling Lopa and Rohan that Nitibha is a smart girl and that he is worried about Manveer’s closeness to her. He will also say that he expected her to be evicted this weekend, but sadly that did not happen. Next moment, he will be seen telling Manveer that Lopa and Rohan were saying he should not get so close to Nitibha as she is using him. Woah! That’s some intense game planning.

Manu Punjabi

Not only that, he also manipulates Mona into convincing housemates to nominate her this week. It so happens that Mona asked her boyfriend Vikrant for a few clothes. But the clothes sent by him were quite ugly and non-wearable. Mona will think Vikrant is doing that on purpose and gets upset. Manu will then ask her to leave the house as soon as she can.

Is Manu reconsidering his game strategy and planning to play individually now? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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